Product Verification

Welcome to Momax Worldwide Authenticity Verification System
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Hong Kong and Overseas

Mainland China

QR Code Product Authenticity Verification

Through QRcode scanning the verification result will shop up directly. If product authenticity is verified in first-time verification, the following result will be shown:

Your Product Verification Code is: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
Thank you for your buying original Momax Product.

Verification Success

Repeated Verification

Verification Failure

Phone Verification (Only available for Mainland China)

Please enter the 16-digit code for verification. If product authenticity is verified for the first time, you will receive: "Thank you for buying original MOMAX product."

Verified Successfully

Thank you for purchasing original MOMAX product.

Verified Failed

For any enquiry about counterfeit product, please email
to [email protected] Thank you doe your application.